Chil-Pak®: Manufacturer of Integrated Central Plants

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Since opening their doors for business in 2001, Chil-Pak® has provided commercial/industrial building owners, engineers, and contractors with high quality, energy-efficient, packaged central plant cooling and heating systems.

Chil-Pak® was founded as a sister company of United Metal Products® (USA) and Flutec Engineering® (Mexico) by bringing together the vision and interdependent skills of Daniel Dominguez, Steve Kinkel, and Peter Kinkel. Daniel Dominguez brought his twenty-five years of extensive knowledge of mechanical engineering and central plant construction to the table, which was complemented by the thirty years of strategic planning and executive experience of Steve Kinkel. The team was further strengthened with the manufacturing and process expertise of Peter Kinkel. The combined talents of these three individuals, along with their design teams, have produced cost effective, environmentally friendly solutions to meet the needs of commercial and industrial facilities around the world.