Steve Kinkel Addresses Association of Energy Engineers on Environmental Benefits of Evaporative Cooling

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Steve Kinkel, the CEO of United Metal Products, recently gave a presentation to the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) highlighting six reasons why evaporative cooling is the green solution for “big box” cooling. Below is a slightly modified summary of the environmental benefits that Kinkel mentioned:

  1. Evaporative cooling is nature’s own method of cooling.
  2. Evaporative cooling systems such as the Fan-Air use up to 75% less power than standard air conditioning.
  3. The hydro-footprint of evaporative systems is significantly smaller when all water usage is taken into consideration.
  4. The light weight of the evaporative systems conserves building material.
  5. The direct evaporative cooling and indirect-direct evaporative cooling systems of United Metal Products use recyclable material and are chloroflourocarbon (CFC) free.
  6. Systems such as the Fan-Air and Cel-Air are true 100% OSA systems that exceed all the environmental standards of Title 24.