Advancements in Evaporative Cooling Technology (Video)

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The advancements we are making at United Metal Products are solution based. We take on the climate control problems that building owners face such as:

  • Health, safety and productivity issues of employees
  • Quality and flexibility of equipment
  • Equipment profiles
  • Water usage
  • Corrosion
  • Humidity control
  • Labeling and listing

“One of our priorities is to solve our customers cooling and heating requirements. In fact, developing these solutions is one of the purposes and drives of our company. Whether it is through direct evaporative cooling, indirect-direct cooling, or energy recovery systems United Metal Products provides our clients with turnkey answers to temperature control issues. Some of the facilities that we specialize in providing cooling solutions for are large warehouses, big box stores, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, prisons, schools, and data centers.” —Steve Kinkel, CEO of United Metal Products